Films are for watching, that’s true. And there are lots of films that leave you speechless. But sometimes there’s something more to talk about after you’ve watched a film. A documentary film can be startling, or maybe shocking. There might be food for thought after a good fiction film. And that’s where people like me come in. I love talking about film, and talking to directors, or subjects of film. My goal in these talks is to give the audience something to think about, or to crate room for discussion. In recent Q&A’s I have been talking to directors like Esther Rots (Retrospekt), Willem Baptist (Ring of Dreams) and Klaartje Quirijns (Your Mum and Dad). When the audience joins in it’s mission accomplished.

I Recently joined the Koning Film website by the amazing Gerlinda Heywegen. You can book me there or ask me directly.


Once a month there’s a Film Club in the Grand Theatre in Groningen. Film makers come together to talk about all aspects of film making, and to have a drink together. I am the presenter and Roxane Schreiber is the producer. She and I initiated the Film Club in 2018 and Grand Theatre is generously supporting us. Like us in Facebook or write an e-mail to to sign up for the newsletter.