It’s all about the story, and the feeling you get when you see something, the things that trigger your thoughts. But there’s also work in commission, and then you have to get inside the mind of the one that you are working for. A completely different ball game, but I always get to learn something new, with every job.

Boer tussen kunst en koren

A documentary on Boer Waalkens, a farmer who decided to rebuild his stables to hold art exhibitions. It was a […]

Still of videoclip Chrome

Wolvon – Chrome

The lovely boys of Wolvon asked Thomas van den Berg and me to film and edit two live performances. This […]

Stiil from video clip


For the editing of this video clip for a Kinetophone song called Seas, only archival film from the Groninger Archieven […]

Bezness as usual photo

Bezness as Usual

Alex Pitstra is a very gifted filmmaker. I got to work with him on two films. For Bezness as usual, […]

Still uit film over Jan Steen

Jan Steen

Jan Steen was een bijzondere kunstenaar maar bovenal een bijzonder gevoelig mens. Ik heb met regisseur Buddy Hermans eerder al […]

Still uit Octopussy


Kees van der Hoef is een legendarisch figuur in Groningen, hij houdt van Elvis, was er bij toen de hippies […]


Kinetophone had a new song and wanted to make a video quick and dirty. So, we played the song multiple […]

Die Welt

Revolution! And then what? At first, usually insecurity and economic decay. A young Tunisian has doubts about his future after […]

Oude Helden, Jonge Meesters

In 2011/2012 I edited, together with director Buddy Hermans , a film about a group of young artists in Groningen […]

Bliksem & Betonrot

In 2011 I got asked to make a movie about a group of performing poets: Dichters uit Epibreren. Bart FM […]

Jong in Groningen

Buddy Hermans is the director, I did the editing. A film about the memories of art critic Henk van Os, […]


A special project, where Meindert Talma and band played live in front of the film, which I made especially for […]