Pic of videomapping with music of Kinetophone


Kinetophone makes soundtracks to silent movies, documentaries and shorts. Above are some pictures of a video mapping project called Weagen/Waves/Wellen, curated by Lan fan Taal, the video is created by me and Antonia Rehnen. The soundtrack for this video installation is composed by Kinetophone, vocals by Elenie Wagner. You can listen to the soundtrack on Spotify or Tidal. Photos by Me and Lucas Kemper.

Down below a famous filmstill from the surrealist short film A Chien Andalou, by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali. Kinetophone made a magical soundtrack to this gem. We performed the soundtrack live on many occasions. Here’s a 2016 interview in Dutch on the radioshow Glasnost about our process: “Drie cinefielen met gitaren, een cello, een hoop stompboxes en samplers – dat is kort samengevat de band Kinetophone.

De laatste boer van Euvelgunne

Kinetophone made the soundtrack for this short documentary by Tom Tieman. About a fight for the life’s work of a […]


Live soundtrack by Kinetophone to Benjamin Christensen’s HAXAN (1922) After a sold out première show at De der AA Kerk […]

Boer tussen kunst en koren

A documentary on Boer Waalkens, a farmer who decided to rebuild his stables to hold art exhibitions. It was a […]


The making of… In 2014 visual artist and filmmaker Lex Vesseur, asked Kinetophone to make the soundtrack for a film […]

Stiil from video clip


For the editing of this video clip for a Kinetophone song called Seas, only archival film from the Groninger Archieven […]


Kinetophone had a new song and wanted to make a video quick and dirty. So, we played the song multiple […]

still from videoclip


A favourite song of mine by Kinetophone. No beat, just guitars, cello by Sebastiaan Wiering, some mellotron emulation and the […]