René Duursma


Sensorama is the name I once made up for my company. It’s about everything creative to do with music and film. There’s autonomous art but also the occasional company film or editing job for third parties like Stichting Beeldlijn.


I am a filmmaker, musician in the (live) soundtrack collective Kinetophone, video editor and I also like to talk about film. Since 2018 I present The Filmclub, a monthly talkshow about film. An initiative by Roxane Schreiber and me, hosted by Grand Theatre, an amazing place right at the Grote Markt in Groningen, the main market square in Groningen. So next to my film work you can hire me for Q&A’s, hosting talkshows on film etc.

But my main job is being a curator at the Groninger Archieven, the municipal archives of the city and provence of Groningen. Click the button below if you want to know more about this filmarchive.