Memories wrapped in paper planes by Antonia Rehnen

In 2017 Kinetophone made music for this amazing short film. The fantastic imagery, the ideas and the creativity of artist Antonia Rehnen is moving in many different ways. For us it was a real joy to work on this gem of a short film with Antonia who is great to work with. We have performed the music live at the Noorderzon Festival at it’s première and “Memories” has been screened on film festivals in Europe and even in Lagos, Nigeria. For more info about the film and Antonia go here.

Antonia Rehnen is a visual artist from Germany but based in Groningen. Her approach to animation is very old school, hands-on and incredibly poëtic. I've worked with her on several projects and will continue to do so, whenever we get the chance. Be it as director or as part of Kinetophone

The film is now live for everyone to see online (watch fullscreen please, with good sound device or headset):