Boer tussen Kunst en Koren – Albert Waalkens: editing, music, camera

Wolvon – Chrome: camera and editing

Kinetophone – Seas Filmresearch, editing

Bezness as Usual – Pre edit, beeldresearch, scanning

Jan Steen – Editing, sound (2015)

Kees! – Editing

Kinetophone – Catcher  camera (with Thomas van den Berg), editing

Die Welt – Editing

Oude Helden en Jonge Meesters – Editing

Bliksem & Betonrot – Directing, (with Regina Broersma), camera, music, editing (trailer edited by Reggie)

Meindert Talma; Tamango. A mixed media project, where Talma and band played live in front of the film. – Directing, editing (8mm editing and post production by Wes) VIdeo shown is the videoclip, entire movie will be online soon.

Jong in Groningen – Editing

Jan Steen; Beeldbouwer – Editing

Jan Steen

Abe Kuipers; Het innerlijke reservoir – Editing

Abe Kuipers

Audiotransparent: The friday of our lives – Editing

Meindert Talma: Hou alsjeblieft mijn graf schoon – Editing

Audiotransparent: Fire Engine Red  – Editing